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3 Basic Pointers For Choosing The Venue For A Reception

Planning a wedding reception can be quite a daunting task that takes a lot of effort and planning. It starts with deciding on the location and venue of the reception and then around this very significant fact will the rest of the planning be done. It is a fairly simple task as long as you are methodical throughout the entire process and re
member to have some fun while doing so!

Setting the date

The first and foremost task on your agenda would be to set the date of the reception keeping in mind that during the wedding season, bookings need to be made well in advance, at least a year or two in advance depending on the venue in order to avoid any disappointments. High end small conference venues in luxury hotels will be especially strict on advanced bookings. Starting off early can always help you amend and be flexible to sudden changes in various ongoing tasks without having to panic too much on the outcomes.

Setting the budget

Of course, the entire wedding planning will depend on the budget you have allocated and it will without a doubt be a hefty expense, although a worthy one. Renting out your reception venue will need you to deposit advance payments and give an approximate figure of how many invitees you will have. An important part of the planning process for a wedding unlike looking up for small function venues in Melbourne and preparations is allocation of a meticulous budget.

Main elements of the wedding

Having decided on your venue, obviously depending on whether it is an outdoor or indoor set up you would have to consider the atmosphere and requirements of the venue accordingly. If you are on a tight budget particularly, one of the crucial elements is the season as having a wedding during the off season like during winter will substantially reduce the overall cost of the reception or earn you discounts. The types of reception options include typical sit down table options; ideal for traditional set ups with guests appreciating speeches and a more formal atmosphere.

This can be the most expensive as it requires pristine planning and attention to detail. Then there are options such as cocktail receptions, where it is considered modern and due to its relatively lesser expenditure on set up, can also be enjoyed by a lot of guests. While these types of weddings are less costly and enjoyed by most, it can sometimes tend to feel a little disorganized and deviate the attention from the bride and grooms special day.

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