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Tips On Successfully Planning Out A Surprise Wedding

Are you someone who doesn’t particularly like to organize or plan things? Does the thought of planning out a huge and elaborated wedding function make you want to pull your hair out? What about surprises? Do you enjoy getting them and giving them? If you’ve answered yes to all of the questions we asked, then consider one last question; how do you feel about planning out a surprise wedding?

We know that most people can’t imagine the words “surprise” and “wedding” in the same sentence; and as it’s not the usual way of going about it, we really do understand. But a surprise wedding has a number of advantages; and here are our tips on how you can arrange for a surprise wedding of your own…!

Deciding when and where to hold your big day

This, no doubt will be your biggest decision to make. Our tip is that you plan it around a particular date that you know all your loved ones will be free to join you. Since you’re not letting them know in advance, you shouldn’t really be disappointed if they don’t turn up to one of your ordinary parties. Have a “get together” or celebrate a “work accomplishment”. As for the place, we suggest you keep it simple. A simple university functions in Melbourne is more likely to keep your surprise a secret for longer; but you should also consider cozy an emotional “destination weddings” venue – like your family’s farmhouse.

The guests and all that’s related to them

Now that you’re done deciding on and navigate to this website for wedding reception venues, think carefully about the guest list. It’s an advantage that you needn’t spend much on the invitations; as you can keep it simple. But make sure to stress that you’d appreciate their presence. It will also certainly be a fun idea to get your guests dress according to a fun theme, like fancy dressing. Your wedding album will never be boring to look back to!

The big dress

You need to be careful while shopping for your wedding clothes; especially if you have to buy a big poofy bridal gown from a popular store in town. It’s a better idea to shop somewhere you’re sure you wouldn’t bump into a familiar face. And since your guests are bound to dress informally, it’s alright to choose your attire a little less traditional as well. Bride’s maid clothes or elegant summer dresses work perfectly for an intimate wedding party, or an informal venue.

The photographing

Since you’re planning the surprise of the year, don’t forget to take plenty of pictures! You can, of course, hire the traditional photographer. But to have a mixture of angles, and to add in a little fun, set up a “tag/hashtag” specifically for your big day. Make sure to do this in the last moment; as it might let the cat out of the bag too early or else. Also, loaning out a few cameras to the guest once they’ve been seated is also a great way to capture the audience; as usually the photographer focusses mainly on the bride and groom.

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